PT Modern Internasional Tbk gives donation to society and environment by doing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities. These activities are as a form of Company’s concerns to balance business and social environment sectors. Other than that, these activities are performed as a donation and participation to benefit those who’re in need.

Throughout 2012, the Company has conducted several social activities, such as:

1. Batik Concern
Just as the Company’s performed in the previous years, in 2012, the Company remained focus on its commitment to conserve national culture, batik.

The Company held a batik competition, cooperated with The Indonesian Museum of Textile.

Resulted from each of the sale of these batik-packaged products to batik’s craftmen and entrepreneurs in Jakarta, so they could develop their creativities and productivities.

2. Care for the Orphans and Scavengers
As a form of Company’s concern to the less fortunate children, the Company work together with PT Bluebird arranged a watching movie together event for children from Sekolah Kami (a schoold for street children) and Yayasan Kurnia.

This event for 500 children from Sekolah Kami and Yayasan Kurnia divided in some periods. The first period had already done on October 16, 2012, located at Mega Bekasi XXI. The second and third period done on October 22, 2012 at Gading 21.

3. Break Fasting Together with the Orphans
For the purpose of establishing relationship with the community around the outlet also utilizing the holy month Ramadhan, the Company arranged break fasting together event also gave donation for the orphans who lived around the outlet area.

4. Care for Street Children
The Company, together with Yayasan Pansophia, arranged an activity with educational games for street children, and also gave a chance for all children to try and enjoy foods and beverages from the Company.

Other than those activities, the Company also conducted a special concern to religion and social community organizations which located around the office by giving regular donations, in a form of Zakat Infak and Sedekah (ZIS).