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Corporate News Flash : Synergistic Partnership for Long Term Growth & Sustainability.
04 Nov 2014

4 November  2014

Corporate News Flash : Synergistic Partnership for Long Term Growth & Sustainability.

Jakarta – Summary for the 3Q14 Financial Highlights :

  1. Consolidation Section

  1. 7-Eleven Section

  • Notes on Financial Highlights  :
  • Soft sales growth recorded on 3Q14 performance at 15,7% YOY compare with growth at 2Q14 at 17% YOY. This is mainly due to seasonality trend caused by fasting period for Muslim for almost full 1 month in July 2014 at 7-Eleven side as well as pending projects and purchase from industrial side especially the Medical Division due to the anticipation of presidential election and appointment.
  • This soft growth has respectively affected the growth in Operation Income as well, recorded at 30% growth YOY compare with YOY growth of 2Q14 at 39%. In addition, Moslem Holiday Allowances paid in bulk in July contributes to the increase of operating expenses, lowering the growth of Operating Income. However, in terms of Operating Income Contribution to Sales , at Consolidation Level shows improvement from 10% in 3Q13 to 12% in 3Q14. This contribution came both from 2 divisions, ie ; high GP margin of MDS ( RICOH) division in pushing the equipment into rental system rather than trading system, and from 7-Eleven increase Operating Income contribution to sales at 8% in 3Q14 compare with only 6% at 3Q14 showing improved effectiveness and efficiency at operation side.
  • Net income has been decreasing for both Consolidation Level and 7-Eleven Level, due to high interest rate at Consolidation  Level recorded at IDR 71, 5 bill at 3Q14 compare with IDR 43,8 bill at 3Q14 ( increase by 63.2% ). While at 7-Eleven level the interest rate recorded at Rp 52, 2 bill in 3Q14 compare with Rp 29, 8 bill in 3Q13 ( increase by 75.2%)

For more details of PT Modern Internasional Tbk 2Q14 Financial Report, please download at this link :


As of today , there are 175 7-Eleven outlets, focusing on small box store format inside –building type of stores , located in high density area.

1. License Cooperation with Welch’s.

As one of the Company strategies realization in creating strong synergy with 7-Eleven business  in  offering healthy , safe and hygiene, good quality and affordable fresh food and beverages to customers and in line with The Company vision and The Management commitment  to focus on Food & Beverage business, the Company has signed a license cooperation agreement  with Welch Food Inc ( Welch’s) to exclusively bottle/package locally, sell and market  Welch’s products in Indonesia, on Tuesday – 16th September 2014 at Matraman Office. This license cooperation would benefit customers with a better quality, better value and long shelf life.

The cooperation with Welch’s serve as an initial step for long term future in giving the Company more  leverage in  7-Eleven business for higher freedom in control, flexibility in innovation and differentiation as well as better margin for products offered and sold at 7-Eleven, moving away from vendor’s control over products and price war competition.

2. Strategic Partnership with CIMBPE Sdn Bhd

The  anticipated plan of The Company in searching for  strategic partner to invest in 7-Eleven business expansion at last has been realized at last with the agreement signing with CIMBPE Sdn Bhd at 16th October  2014 followed by the equity fund transfer execution on 31st October 2014. The agreement for CIMBPE to subscribe at 10% of The Company new issuance of 415.881.636 shares from total current shares, priced at IDR 690/shares raising IDR 286.958.328.840 of fresh capital .  This fund will be reflected in Financial Report 2014 and will be used to strengthen the financial structure of the Company as a whole, focusing on growing and expanding the 7-Eleven business.

The long time  cooperation with CIMB  has escalated into higher level as CIMB subscribe as one of The Company shareholders, reflecting the strong confidence and trust as well as shared vision in and for the current management of The Company in developing 7-Eleven business in Indonesia.

This Strategic Partnership will leverage the existing cooperation, giving added value benefit in product and services for both parties, creating a strong reciprocal relationship of mutual benefit and strengthening both brand awareness and value even more.

In Financial Service, CIMB can extend its services in wide spreading ATM Machines and EDC installation using the growing numbers of 7-Eleven stores, as well as giving new financial services at 7-Eleven such as digital payment, etc in providing maximum convenience for customers. Currently, there are 150 CIMB ATM machines and 175 CIMB EDC in 7-Eleven stores.

In Marketing & Promotion, both party current collaboration can be even more intensified through join promotion of 7-Eleven products especially in Fresh Food and Beverages packages offering which can be redeemed through CIMB points and widespread communicated through the usage co-joined marketing tools and materials, giving extra benefits to CIMB customers as well as boosting 7-Eleven sales performance at the same time.

Furthermore, for a long term sustainability and contribution to the country, both companies can extend the cooperation in helping the SMEs in achieving success for their business, using 7-Eleven stores as one of their distribution of products as well as getting financial advice and support from CIMB.

3. New Products and Services at 7-Eleven

a. New Items and Package Promotions


b. Launch of NEX Logistic and All in One Digital Express Service

A cooperation between PT Modern Internasional Tbk with NEX LOGISTIC ( as part of Bluebird Group) to open their outlets next and within the 7-Eleven area to offer a combination services of NEX Pick Up – Delivery Services, Document Solution and Digital Photo Service. This NEX LOGISTIC service served  as E-commerce Logistic to offer convenience for customers in shopping online and choose designated NEX destination to pick up their orders. This service will be part of 7-Eleven offer for integrated convenience for customers as well. Both NEX & 7-Eleven will benefit each other by bringing more traffic and doing promotions together in the future. 


3. 1st Participation in Franchise Exhibition

In order to speed up the potential  location finding for 7-Eleven new stores as well as cooperation of sharing revenue with the landlord ( as part of one of subfranchisee’s form) , this year 7-Eleven has participated in Franchise Expo.  7-Eleven booth at the Franchise Expo 2014 gained high popularity with more than 300 applications in 3 days. These applications will be processed, start with the visibility study of potential locations offered by potential landlord.



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