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16 September 2014 Corporate News Flash : PT Modern Internasional Tbk Cooperation with Welch Food Inc
16 Sep 2014

16 September   2014

Corporate News Flash : PT Modern Internasional Tbk Cooperation with Welch Food Inc

Jakarta – In line with The Company vision and The Management commitment  to focus on Food & Beverage business, the Company has signed a license cooperation agreement  with Welch Food Inc ( Welch’s) to exclusively bottle/package locally, sell and market  Welch’s products in Indonesia, on Tuesday – 16th September 2014 at Matraman Office. This license cooperation would benefit customers with a better quality, better value and long shelf life.

Welch 100% Juice Drinks :


This is one of the Company strategies realization in creating strong synergy with 7-Eleven business  in  offering healthy , safe and hygiene, good quality and affordable fresh food and beverages to customers. The cooperation with Welch’s serve as an initial step for long term future in giving the Company more  leverage in  7-Eleven business for higher freedom in control, flexibility in innovation and differentiation as well as better margin for products offered and sold at 7-Eleven, moving away from vendor’s control over products and price war competition.

In this current stage, the license cooperation with Welch’s requires no additional capital for investment, using only current infrastructures and leverage the usage of existing 16 Company branches in Indonesia to distribute, sell and market the products to all modern retail channels including 7-Eleven.

According to  GAPMMI (Indonesian Food & Beverage association) and  ASRIM ( Association of soft drink manufacture), total market demand  for Juice / Juice Drink is as big as 999 million liter/year  with growth of  14%  in the last 3 years. Within the next 3 years, The Company targets to seize 1% market share which will contribute around 10% of total  Company’s revenue .

In this opportunity, The Company would also like to emphasize that every cooperation strategy that has been taken by The Management will only gives mutual benefit and synergy for 7-Eleven business, that all equity fund raising will be used to grow and expand 7-Eleven business and its infrastructure to ensure long term success and sustainability of the business to serve all the shareholders interests at its best.

About Welch’s

Welch story began over 140 years ago, when Thomas Bramwell Welch decided to serve grape juice instead of wine at his church. Welch was the first to pasteurize bottled fruit juice using Concord Grapes which paved the way for a future juice industry After its debut at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, Welch’s Grape Juice went on to become the national family favorite it is today.

Welch’s 100% Grape Juice is so much more than a delicious treat – it also delivers the heart healthy goodness of dark-purple Concord grapes in every glass. That’s because whole Concord grapes – skin, seeds and all – are pressed to release polyphenols straight from the fruits.  These polyphenols aid in relaxing your arteries and veins which enhances blood flow . Each 8 oz. glass of Welch’s 100% Grape Juice is made with more than 40 Concord grapes and counts as 1 serving (1 cup) of fruit, with no added sugar, color or flavor.


Additional research (which included Chinese participants) also indicates that 100% Juice does not contribute to Diabetes  or Obesity.


According to an analysis of the diets of more than 15,000 adults and children, consuming purple and blue foods, such as Concord grapes and 100% grape juice had healthier diets compared to non-purple and blue produce eaters.1


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