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As one of the main focus in the Company, Graphic Art Division was able to give a significant sales growth with 40% market share in Indonesia for consumable sales. One of the strategy is continually give excellent services to all existing customers to maintain trust from potential customer such as Gramedia, Jawa Post, Temprint, Pikiran Rakyat, Percetakan Analisa, also other new or existing customers.

With the rapid technology change, in 2012 Graphic Art Division focused on Cost Saving Solution for customers. Currently, the cost efficient solution is one of the market demands in printing sector. The division already offered a solution by CTP plate with various quality levels according to customer’s needs. With many market demands for a low- cost equipment and consumable, this division continuously providing the appropriate product according to customer’s needs with spreading into CTCP market (Computer To Conventional Plate), where the CTCP equipment and consumable are very efficient and economic. Beside that, for digital printing, this division continuously marketed LED 1600 product, an UV large format digital printing, where this product is suitable for digital printing business, especially for packaging and creative industrial market to produce a high differentiation value end-product.

For 2013, division will continue in doing direct approach to potential and existing customers through product presentation and demo, open-house and mini roadshow (cooperating with Digital Print Imaging Division) at some branches, such as Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Makassar, also participating in big exhibitions such as FGD (Forum Grafika Digital which will be held on July 2013). Beside that, division will continuously developing an efficient and effective solution by optimizing production and quality also automatization control from input until output (equipment, software, controlling equipment and consumable) to make an optimal output with good quality.