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2014 – 7-Eleven Strategy in Moving Forward As a Food Store Destination.

17 Jan 2014

Jakarta – Entering  the first month in January 2014, 7-Eleven Indonesia has opened its 151th store in MOI 2 Kelapa Gading North Jakarta , at 07.11 this morning. The store now is busy with the customers from around the area as they have been anticipating its opening this morning since weeks ago.  One of the customers living in the area said that with the opening of 7-Eleven MOI 2 will bring her convenience  for easy access as it is closer to her home.

This first 7-Eleven store opening in this 2014 7 at MOI ( Mall of Indonesia) is according to 7-Eleven strategy to open smaller stores inside/attached to the mall and trade center.   7-Eleven is committed to open new stores according to its target in 2014.


7-Eleven 151 store : 1st store opening in 2014. The opening of this 7-Eleven MOI 2 Kelapa Gading has been responded positively by customers around the area

With the growing business from year to year and the promising outlooks from customers traffic  for each new store open, 7-Eleven will ensuring its strong long term growth in Indonesia and will moving forward positioning itself as more of “ A Food Store Destination “ rather than just a hang out place.

Implementing this strategy for 2014, 7-Eleven has been adding more and more Fresh Food Programs into the store to answer the growing needs of urban customers for fresh food that are ready to eat, safe and hygiene, healthy, delicious and affordable at the same time. Some successful programs that has been tried out for 3 months in the 7-Eleven Matraman Project Store, such as :

  • Fresh Noodle Program : 40 units APSD
  • Golden Fried Chicken program : 20 units APSD
  • Krispy Creme Donuts program : 47 units APSD
  • Cold Stone Ice Cream Program : 18 units APSD
  • Fresh Milk of Ice Chocolate and Strawberry Program  : 30 Units APSD

Currently is speedily rolling out into other new stores to quickly increase customer traffic as well as increase sales revenue.


Fresh Noodle Program


Golden Crispy Fried chicken Program


Krispy Crème & Cold Stone Ice Cream  program

Looking at the trend of increasing demand for healthy food, more and more healthy fresh food and snack such as salad, edamame, yoghurt and low cal ice cream are on the pipeline to be added into the store as new healthy program.

Moreover,  in answering the needs of customers for growing preferences on local theme products as well as to help the grow of small medium enterprise business , 7-Eleven has launched varieties of local theme food products such as series of Nasi Cangkringan, Soto and Bakso.

In addition to that, addressing the issue on green concern, 7-Eleven is now using only recyclable and reusable packaging material.

For store speedy expansion, the focus on building and finalizing 2nd phase on CDC will be finished by this year and will come in full operation to support up to 350 stores in total. In this coming February 2014, the cooperation with Warabeya Nichiyo – 7-Eleven Japan Commissary will be started by the coming of technical assistance team from Japan , to bring into reality the target of Fresh food SKU addition from 100 SKU to 500 SKU, which will be done by stages.



The MOU signing with Warabeya Nichiyo in October 2013

Expanding the 7-Eleven business in 2014, the new stores opening of 7-Eleven will be focused more small store box format which will be located more or attached in/with the building. This concept has been proven in giving positive and growing result since its first implementation in train station, mall, and apartment on June 2013.


Small box store format at manggarai Train Station & Senen Train Station


7-Eleven at Lindateves Trade center

Despite the media rumors last week, 7-Eleven stores are still packed with customers, conducting business as usuall, focusing in operation excellence in fulfilling customers, with a strong support and full commitment from the management, 7-Eleven Inc and partners.

With the growing business of 7-Eleven the company believes that 7-Eleven will continuously playing a significant part of peoples life, answering and fulfilling their ever changing needs , which in the future will also contribute more on opening employment opportunities as well as Indonesia economic as a whole .