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Celebration of 4th year 7-Eleven Anniversary

07 Nov 2013

Jakarta – Entering  its   4th year of operation, 7-Eleven Indonesia was inviting its stakeholders – including founding shareholders, business partners , 7-Eleven Inc Dallas Team and all employees to celebrate anniversary at headquarter office in Matraman Raya no 12.

Celebration event was begun with Mr Sungkono Honoris – President Director of PT Modern Internasional TBK speech. Giving statement that the success of 7-Eleven until today would not be achieved without the full support and hard work from all stakeholders as well as good acceptance from customers.

“ We are honored to be trusted in fulfilling our everyday customers needs in Jakarta. We will keep focus to differentiate ourselves by bringing in high qualified & favored fresh food and beverages program to satisfy customers needs according to current lifestyle , beyond their expectation from time to time” said Mr Sungkono during his speech. 

During the Celebration, 7-Eleven also sign MOU agreement with GOJEK and BLUEBIRD upon the launching of 7-Eleven Delivery Services. There was also testing for 7-Eleven Delivery Service, by calling to call center for ordering and direct delivery within 30 min time. Partnering with both GOJEK and BLUEBIRD, starting in this November, 7-Eleven will be able to spread out its services into home delivery for wider area.

Mr Henri Honoris – President Director of PT Modern Putra Indonesia, also briefly elaborating on strategic plan for 7-Eleven in moving forward. In order to be able to accommodate mass and rapid store expansion in the future, currently 7-Eleven Indonesia focusing on building its infrastructures first. These infrastructures includes central warehouse, central kitchen and IT System, cooperating and leveraging 7-Eleven both global and local best partners – DHL for warehouse management, Iron Bird for Delivery Trucking, PT Fresh Food Indonesia for Central Kitchen, NEC, NRI and PDI for IT System. Just in the previous month , 7-Eleven is also securing JV cooperation with Warabeya Nichiyo Co Ltd – the current fresh food supplier for all 7-Eleven Japan, in order to be able to expand and improve fresh food offering in variance, quantity as well as quality, better packaging and shelg life extension to attract more customer traffic, thus increasing the potentiality of better performance for sales revenue and cost efficiency.

Another strategic plan to move forward, Mr Henri said, “ we are going to re-launch our current store with new format by bringing in more attractive fresh food and beverage program, which is currently is in trial period. We are also expanding our store opening into new smaller format and trying in new channel like Train Station, Offices and Apartments as well as inside Mall/Trading Center. These new store formats will be faster to be rolled out in the future as well as giving higher productivity and cost efficiency”. 

After blowing up the candle on top of 7-Eleven-look-alike cake , the celebration is closed by inviting all the guests to 7-Eleven store Matraman to experience the new store format as well as new attractive products.