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PT MODERN INTERNASIONAL TBK is committed to implementing Good Corporate Governance or GCG as part of Corporate culture 

The importance of a good Corporate management and action to achieve the highest standard in managing Corporate, PT Modern Internasional Tbk is committed to apply a good Corporate governance as a part of Corporate’s culture. The entire business decisions and its implementations are retrieved by the Board of Commissioners, the Board of Directors, and the whole Corporate’s employees. The decisions taken are always aligned with the considerations of the entire Corporate interests, professionally, without differentiate one another.

The implementation of good Corporate governance is also been performed consistently and sustainable, in order to achieve a long terms benefits. All part of the Corporate is able to improve their capability optimally, so the career development can be performed without doubts and barriers, because all activities in the Corporate is based on a vision, stipulated by the Corporate.



According to law No. 40/2007 on limitied liability Company (UUPT), the General Meeting of Shareholders is the highest organization for having the authority which’s not given to the Board of Directors or the Board of Commissioners within a prescribed bounds stated on UUPT or the business budget. The Corporate always holds a General Meeting of Shareholders every year as the Board of Directors and Commissioner’s state of accountability to the shareholders. Beside that, Corporate also holds an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders if they want to perform a corporate action whose authority is not given to the Board of Directors and Commissioners. In 2022, the Corporate performed an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders in order to limited offer to the shareholders (Rights Issue II.)